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Pineapple Cheesecake 
23rd-Nov-2009 02:42 pm
cs books
I made this on Saturday when I had lots of people round, it's very quick and easy to make (although quite expensive), it can be frozen too.

The quiche dish I used measures 12ins (30cm) across by 2ins (5cm) deep, which is pretty massive, so you may well want to only do half the quantity and use a smaller dish.

Crush approximately 300g of ginger biscuits and add to sufficient melted marg to make a biscuit base.
Lighlty grease the base of the dish and pour in the mix and press firmly in.

750g marscapone
2x 432g cans of crushed pineapple - drain off most of the juice from these (but don't dry it out)
caster sugar (I used granulated as that was all I had)

Mix these together, adding sugar to taste.

Whip 300ml till fairly stiff but not overdone and fold in

Shove on top of biscuit base and level off

If you want to be posh, then pipe more cream and add pieces of pineapple and glace cherry
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