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home cooking
Hurrah for food!

It doesn’t matter if you’re following a diet (either of the weight-loss or excluding because it makes you ill variety) or if you’re not – this is meant to be about healthy home-cooked food and the enjoyment of it. We believe that home-cooking instantly adds a certain level of healthiness to the food as this eliminates di-hy-sulphy-watsitate and other unpronounceable stuff from the meal. You can be a Nigella neophyte, a Delia devotee or a graduate from the throw-it-together-with-a-tin-of-tomatoes school. What matters is that you enjoy making your own food. People who use a jar of pasta sauce are as welcome as those who make it from their own home-grown tomatoes and herbs (we’d like the recipe for that). All we ask is that it’s not a shop-to-freezer-to-oven/microwave-to-plate type meal.

Share recipes or menu plans; ask (and answer) questions; discuss dishes, desserts and deliciousness; pontificate on pavlovas, pastry and pressure cookers; and tell us of any top tips.

Happy Eating!

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